Unweaned Kitten Rescue Network Inc

                                                ABOUT US

The Unweaned Kitten Rescue Network Inc was started in 1998 by vet nurse Julie O'Connor to rescue kittens under four weeks old that don't have a mother. These kittens are normally euthanised at shelters, so the Network was created to fill this gap in rescue work. The UKRN rescues between 130 and 250 kittens per breeding season.

          Penny at 1 week old


The Network trains intersted members of the public in how to hand raise kittens, giving them full support as they foster them. Once the kittens are 8-10 weeks old the carer desexes, microchips and vaccinates them, with vets giving us assistance with costs. The money we rehome the kittens for then stays with the foster carer to help cover costs.  The kittens stay with their foster carer until rehomed so the carer meets the new owners and approves, while the Network does all the advertising and refers people to the carer if they have the kitten the new owner is interested in. Homes are chosen very carefully with strict rehoming criteria.

To be a foster carer, you would:
-Need to live in the Brisbane area and surrounds, and be able to get to a training
session at Woodridge.

-Be able to feed kittens at four to six hourly intervals (family/friends can help if you work, or the kittens can go to work with you if necessary)

-Have some available money for desexing etc

-Be able to keep the foster kittens as indoors only

-Have all your own pets up to date with vaccinations and worming

-Have lots of love to give!

If you'd like more information about fostering, or you'd like to organise a training session call 07 3388 8533.                                             


                                             Qamar at eight days old